As the first professional co-host service in Cyprus our aim is to make the island even more welcoming and available for travelers and at the same time help you to create an extra income from your property. 



We will keep an eye on your property while you are away


Let your home be available for guests even though you are not there

That five-star rating will help you attract even more guests

Higher rating


Create an income from optimized pricing and occupancy rate with help from your Trustee

We are a small, local and very personal company with the drive to get to know our costumers closely and to understand your specific needs and wishes. In this field of business, trust is the most important thing, and we respect the trust you put in us when you leave the keys to your house in our care. Everyone at KeyTrustee has experience of renting out properties through services like Airbnb or similar, and of housekeeping and home maintenance.

The concept of co-hosting is a relatively new term and the meaning is simply that of allowing another trusted person to manage your listing when you cannot or prefer not to. The relationship between a host and a co-host is that of an independent contractor. A co-host does not have any ownership claim to your property and will never be your partner or employee. A co-host will simply help you with the duties you as a host would face otherwise, the responsibility for the property will always belong to the host.

KeyTrustee will act as your trusted co-host and greet your guest as if they were our own. We will manage your listings, calendars and properties to ensure that you gain the revenue you aimed for from your listing and that your guest has that amazing stay they hoped for. Our services stretches from just greeting your guests welcome and showing them around your property, to an extensive service in which we handle the entire listing.


Your relationship with us starts with you booking a free of charge Host Consultation-meeting, in wish we establish the trust between us, your wishes for the service and all the particulars of your property. We handle properties in whole of Cyprus and only if your property is located very remote we will need to charge an extra mileage-fee. All your payments to us are collectively sent to your e-mail as a PayPal-invoice in the middle of each month. And therefore you can choose to pay them either by credit card or by bank transfer. PayPal is a trusted global service which enable us to have customers that are not living in Cyprus full time. 


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