Full Hosting Package

For you that wants to rent out your Cyprus property without lifting a finger. After a thorough consultation to discuss what you want your property to provide, we take care of the rest.

This is our most complete package of services where we act as your co-host and take care of everything related to hosting your property. We do this after your specific requests and goals in order to meet the financial and rating targets of your hosting. 


In this package we will manage your digital listing and your calendar under your name. If you have yet to list your property on any online services, we can help you get started. You will still have full access to your listing at all times, however, all the messages are rerouted to us. By having full contact with your guests before after their stay, we simply represent and handle your property, while you continue with your day to day life. After each stay we will give you a review of each guest's experience and send you a short summary of the status of the property. You then either amend or approve the guest review to finalise their visit, and the process begins again at your next booking. 

Between each stay, we clean, do the laundry and restock your products – just as you would yourself if you did the hosting. We check your property for any damage and make sure nothing from our inventory list is missing from our consultation. 


For more information regarding this service, have a look at the info in our FAQ or book your Host Consultation here


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